Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple To Support NFC Technology

According to "Forbes" reported that work on highly confidential near-field communication technology (NFC) product, sources said he thought the Apple iPhone 5 will support near-field communications technology, the message is from the Apple staff, and that is very reliable.

Prior to the British magazine "The Independent" reported that, because the industry lacks a clear near-field communication technology standards, they have decided to give up in the Apple iPhone 5, integrated NFC chips. Because near-field communications technology for mobile payments and other non-contact communication, but Google is also its application for Google Android in the mobile phone system, adding a near-field communications technology, so the outside world that the iPhone 5 will also support this technology,

Apple To Support NFC Technology

The source also revealed that near-field communication reader manufacturers also hope that Apple iPhone 5 to support this technology, they are ready for iPhone 5 of the enormous demand for near-field communication reader and is expected to release iPhone 5 hours probably in the summer. Apple is not yet sure when to hold the iPhone 5 in the conference, probably in June, but this should be very reliable sources, we also believe that iPhone 5 support the possibility of near-field communication technology is very large.

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