Friday, March 18, 2011

Interact with Game Environment-Check the Blood Rites Magic

Blood Rites built by the latest physics engine and virtual environment technology which ensure players to start their journey in a vivid and close-to-real world. Players can actually find themselves affected by the dynamic panorama & ecological simulation. The day-night exchanging in game will hold a same step with real world, like to see what kind of monster will appear during the night? Try to play after sunset.

Probably this isn’t enough to be fresh news, and then there is the surprise. Magic effect will be affected by the weather, simply like summer strengthens the fire damage while winter makes your ice magic more powerful.

This isn’t the end of our story. NPC in game also shows different temperature at different weather condition. Visit the right person at right time, that’s the old saying about how a hero was created.

This time you will have the same chance to change your destiny in the world of Blood Rites. NPC could give you a rare quest when you visit them at right time; some said divine gears can be found under NPC’s guide.

Virtual environment bring a wilder game contents while dynamic panorama provide all possible interactivities in game. With all the effort they prove, Blood Rites give you a more real world contains fancy dreams and endless fun.

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