Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple IPad 2 Release

Apple iPad 2 Related NewsApple iPad 2 release, and it be purched on 11th March. But the iPad 2 iOS 5 did not release on this Media conference too, and Apple iPhone 5 will be released in this summer. And what's the Apple iPad 2 will bring to us?

As the next generation of Apple iPad, there was so many rumors about the Apple iPad 2. Until now, as we know, Apple will add a iPad 2 camera to the Apple iPad to compete with the Google Android Tablet, which was equipped with the cameras. For equipped with the cameras, you can use iPad 2 to make a video chat with your friends anywhere and anytime.

Apple iPad 2 was rumored have a iPad 2 USB port, but now it may be remove this design for some reasons, and the USB port may be appear on the Apple iPad 3. Although not contain the USB port, Apple iPad 2 features still so powerful, there will be a lot of iPad 2 App for the users download.

Apple iPad 2 New Features:

* Apple iPad 2 will equipped with iPad 2 dual camera and support video chat
* Apple iPad 2 Will be more lighter and thinner than before
* Apple iPad 2 will support the iPad 2 Facetime Call, so you can make video chat with your friends anytime and anywhere
* Apple iPad 2 will equipped with dual core processor, and will run more faster than Apple iPad
* Apple iPad 2 will have 128GB storage, and it would save more things than before

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