Thursday, March 17, 2011

Extension of Kampong Sending

Who were coming for the meeting when Razali was the superintendent of
land and survey in Miri. This department head said this is a village
(kampong ) and the location or style of the houses should be as they
were, My ex-wife had taken part in the meeting told me that when I was
in Labuan so there should be no worry of moving to new locations.Your
area of the house is surveyed according to the existing size occupied
by your house and the front and back yard.

As all of you know those who settled here were not free for the land,
they paid for ganti rugi to maintain the land and to have the
ownership. Lee Kim shim should give us all the residents of Sealine
land titles because we were the one who raised him up.No body can deny
us with the BN men and the assistance we render to him. 60 % of the
Iban voters were for him and the never changed Malays( BN ruas) of
course never move from BN. Now Sealine is under Datuk DR.Chan and our
correspondence and disputing, I suggest, should be given to the DCM
Sarawak. We should not trust the predesor as our god infrastructure
and I have given much sacrifice for the better living by or through
Datuk Lee,however we just saw the passing stream of development below
the bridge. How unfortunate the Iban community as we were.

1) Just think of the cost of living now. A piece of zinz roof costs
RM14.00 per piece for 6 feet long, 2 years ago only RM6.00 per
piece,kayu belian post 15x4x4xRM100++,2 years ago RM 40-RM50 per
piece.A bag of cement costs RM17.50.My self and others were all low
income group bracket,others just have indefinite income so how come we
agree to No. one( 1) agreement here is the condition laid out by YB
Lee: Don’t issue the land titles and basic infrastructure given ( such
as roads, drainage, electricity and water ) until all land matters is
settled ( i.e 180 owners has agreed to demolish their house and move
to a new allocated lot to facilitate the building of roads and
drainage or they are willing not to share the same lot and reallocated
to another lot – for those land with 2 to 8 owners );

- To agree they must go to Land Survey office, Miri and signed-off the
agreement form.
- Note : The government will not compensate for the cost of
demolish/moving or building a new house as they have already allocate
us land. Is the lot of land is free of charge? This is what the
question we village folks must ask the government agent.

If you work with oil and gas companies may be. As a ketua kaum you are
monthly paid. Besides our ketua kaum is a Malanau and perhaps has very
little knowledge about the Iban way of life; culture,custom,traditions
and the nature of employment and incomes. He should be responsible if
the village under him is going to have a dialogue with the land and
survey. The whole village should be called for the meeting to solicit
the good ideas. As a leader he must be ready to listen to others. We
must not think of just ourself and take deep breathe to observ the
others. Our current ketua kaum is Hamdan bin Paun. He was only a
pengerusi ajkk of Kampong Senadin which consisted of 30 families. Now
he is being appointed as ketua kaum of 2 kampong; kampong Senadin and
KG Sealine.Kg Sealine is 3 to 4 times bigger than kg Sealine with
around 1000 families.If all were registered I am sure the number of
registered voters will be more than 3000.When I was a SUPP member I
registered about 100 voters. Why the majority Iban not being appointed
as ketua kaum at KG Sealine? I have read several times some political
parties had asked the government to appoint the Penghulu from Dayak

What kind of a house you are going to build, a durian atap daun
houses or rumah simpler(simper) papan? We must just wonder why Kampong
Melayu senadin our Ministers just give in what these people want? They
were given tar-sealed road, water and electricity much earlier than
Sealine. Is Sealine a promised land with too many thorns? Sealine now
is a graveyard at night, five or more families sharing a water tap
supply.Electricity is expensive and some have to pay RM150 per month
for the supply of electricity from friends at KG. Senadin.

The agreement laid down has to be reconciled first. If the government
is caring as they lauded they must be careful before the agreement is
written down(drafted) or enforced.
Is the government is glamour-rita (money enriched confidence)just
because we are poor men on the earth.90% of the residents of sealine
are dayaks, 2 or 3 Chinese and Malays. Other Iban People who work with
international companies will not live here,men. That is why we helped
you with your wish to be the YB, YB for all not to your community and
voters only, Datuk. Lee KIM shin.

Kami yang miskin(Iban, orang ulu(HIGHLAND NATIVES) and the Iban
Ulu(ILLITRATE NATIVES)) perlukan bantuan penuh dari kerjaan seperti
jalan,pelajaran, security,api ,ayer yang paling basic bukan minta
subsidi Untuk beli perahu,jala pakai berikan atau atap zing or tiang
untok rumah.Bagi lah kami yang patut bukan beras, padi, gula dan tea
sabah atau mayang tea dari Serian. Give us the fishing hook to get the
fish, that is land for commercial and as well as residential purpose.(
prolonged generated endless value).

Kalau berjuang jangan angap saya pulang,

Yang benar,

Douglas Ajon Miggi
Ahli Bekas Perajurit Malaysia

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