Thursday, March 17, 2011

PLUMBUM issue : Telling the Truth

My hidden agenda sir, is to tell the truth that I know.

I am sure Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than even those rechargable nicad batteries. Even those made in china are expensive, I know cos i got lots at home to power my standby torchlights and even toys for the kids.

Also from the internet, Lithium ion batteries can age even when not in use.

As far as I know, nickel cadmium or lithium are all poisonous just like lead.

So the only way to avoid these issue is to stop using electricity all together. Lets go back to the cave technology please.

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  1. Kenapa tidak menggunakan penjana kuasa mesra alam?

  2. gunakanlah tenaga yang lebih murah dan selamat, byk sumber yang boleh digunakan untuk menjana tenaga.

  3. But lead is obviously more dangerous.

  4. you should find your cave and stay there..

  5. we still need to find other alternative that can minimize the impact..

  6. sebaiknya kita menggunakan sumber tenaga yang selamat dan bersih.

  7. Sebaiknya berikan penjelasan yang sebenarnya bagi isu plumbum ini. Kita tidak mahu perkara yang buruk akan berlaku kepada kita nanti.

  8. Aren't there any better alternative?

  9. Jika sudah terbukti merbahaya, sila haramkan penggunaannya.


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